Bulgaria & Belarus – Through the Travel Glass

Bulgaria is located on the crossroads of east and west and thus is home of many great civilizations. For any tourist who likes to explore many things in a single destination will find Bulgaria to its liking. Its history is rich and has many faces. There are many archaeological reserves, monuments, museums, and galleries that will keep any history lover spell-bonded to Bulgaria. There are ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria and many more which are of World Heritage Sites title deserving. There are historical monuments, museums, monasteries, churches and a rich cultural calendar that are more than enough to keep tourists occupied throughout their Bulgaria Tour Packages.

Bulgaria Tour Packages

But history is not the only thing that attracts tourists to Bulgaria. White and golden sandy beaches along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast are picturesque and diverse. The fine weather draws in many tourists, both domestic and international, during summers. For adventure lover, there are many mountain chains to go for hiking and climbing.

Belarus, on other hand, is a land-locked country that is heavily influenced by former Soviet Union. But that does not stop tourists from visiting Belarus. It still holds its European charm with its beautiful monuments and appealing villages. There are four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Belarus which are the Mir Castle Complex, the Nesvizh Castle, the Belovezhskaya Pushcha (shared with Poland), and the Struve Geodetic Arc. These sites are not to be missed while visiting the country on a holiday tour.

Belarus Packages

For those who are interested in Bulgaria and Belarus Packages to explore these countries can always get in touch with Dook International. For CIS countries tours, there is only one name everyone trusts and that is Dook International. Whatever your tourism requirements are, Dook International can always provide you with the best tour packages.

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Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan Tour Packages with Dook International

Dook International is the most trusted name when it comes to arranging tours of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. And from its bag of amazing tour packages, Dook International brings to you Kazakhstan Tour Packages. Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic, is the world’s ninth largest country and world’s largest landlocked country. Its history, geographical position, size, climate, and nature make Kazakhstan a unique destination for tourism. Kazakhstan offers a variety of tourism options like authentic cultural tourism; nature and ecotourism that includes activities like bird-watching in national parks and protected areas; adventure tourism activities like skiing or trekking in the mountains, water sports; and many others.

Kazakhstan Tour Packages

Almaty is the biggest city in the country and resembles Europe with its leafy avenues, chic ALZhiR Museum-Memorial Complex, glossy shopping centres and self-indulgent nightlife. Other cities to visit on your tour are Astana, Karaganda, Oskemen, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Shymkent, Temirtau, Aktau, Kostanay, Oral, Taraz, Aktobe, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Kyzylorda, Kapchagay, Burabay, Balkhash and Karagandy.

Azerbaijan Tour Packages

Azerbaijan, on the other hand, is located on the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and is a connecting point for different ancient historical empires of this region. With Dook International’s Azerbaijan Packages, you will get to explore the best this former Soviet republic has to offer. On your tour, you can visit the Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower, Ateshgah of Baku, Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, Mardakan castles, and Palace of Shaki Khans. Get a taste of some authentic Azerbaijani cuisines to keep your taste buds happy.

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Russia Tour Package an Easy Way to Discover Russia

Russia is developing as a great travel destination in the world due to its amazing natural surroundings, surprising cultures and knowledgeable heritages. Its most traveled places like Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the prime attraction of Russia tour packages. If you are planning a tour to Russia, then keep some travel tips in mind that will definitely help you.

Russia Tour Packages

Introduce yourself to Russia

Do some research prior to take flight for Russia! To give you some hint, Russia is a big country with strange landscapes in terms of frozen tundras, white fields, dense pine forests and long palm trees. Moscow is the most crowded city of the country due to financial, cultural, entertainment and political hub. Try to learn some basic Russian language as it will help you in understanding the locals.


Always think about the health and in Russia, it becomes necessary as you are going first time and you don’t know what to eat here. Actually, it is not like the country is affected with health threats, but food poisoning is common here. Avoid eating kebabs at stands and buying dairy products, particularly bus or train station areas. Tap water is safe but after boiling instead of that drink only bottled water wherever you go in the country.


Russia is little pricy mostly cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the outer side of these cities you will get affordable restaurants and hotels to stay. Vacationers are suggested to keep Russian currency prior to visit as there are ATMs all over the city but retailers here prefer to take cash. Credit cards are accepted all over the country, even you can pay through cheques, but some places.

Tashkent Tour Packages

Russia is a developed country and it is influenced by modern culture. The people of here like dress up, so purchasing some fancy clothes will be a good idea. Moreover, you can also pick Tashkent Tour Packages from here as the country gives you easy access to reach Tashkent via flights. Don’t you think mixing both the countries into a single trip will be a lifetime experience? Yes!

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Tbilisi to Armenia – One Day Trip

Armenia was the first state to announce Christianity as the state religion in 301 AD. The effect of the same is seen in the culture and architecture. Instead of taking Armenia tour packages from India, you can go to Tbilisi and from there take a day tour to Armenia. This tour will take you to the some of the ancient monasteries. The Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries were built in the first millennium and are listed as UNESCO World heritage sites. They are the gem of Armenian architecture.

Armenia tour packages

How to take the trip?

Start early from the hotel, and take a taxi service that can reach you across the border. The taxi will take you to the Sadakhlo-Bagratashen the Georgia – Armenia border where you will cross the border. A separate taxi and guide are available on the Armenian site. Book one before starting and start the one day journey.

First go to the Lori region and visit the UNESCO World heritage Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries. Haghpat stands on the hillside and overlooks the Debed River. The location of the monastery was chosen for providing seclusion and peace to the monks living there. The biggest structure in the premises is the Cathedral of Surb Nishan which has beautiful fresco which depicts Christ Pantocrator. Roam through the monastery and see one of the most beautiful examples of Armenian architecture at its very best.

Tbilisi tour packages

Next move on to the Sanahin monastery where and witness the calligraphy and illumination school. This monastery is the oldest in Armenia and was one of the most important learning centres then. The name Sanahin is Armenian for “this one is older than that one” which signifies that Sanahin monastery was built earlier than the neighbouring Haghpat monastery. Make sure to see the khachkars (Armenian cross stones) on the boundaries of the monastery.

After seeing the architectural brilliance of the monasteries you can have really delicious lunch at the local restaurant. The restaurants serve traditional Armenian cuisine which is really tasty. After having lunch come to the border, cross and take a taxi to your hotel. Next time you take Tbilisi tour packages from India make sure to cross the border!

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Russia the Nation with Glamour

Russia is one place which is known popularly as the largest country in the world. The range of flora and climatic conditions is from Arctic climate and Tundra forests to subtropical beaches and deciduous forests. The famous cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are the cradle of the erstwhile Soviet Union.

It is such a vast country that you should take Russia tour package in order to plan your visit. You can plan to visit the snow capped mountains, glacial lakes, the cold tundra desert and rivers which pass through the whole of the country. Some of the most exciting destinations in Russia are as follows:

Moscow Tour Package

Moscow the capital city

In spite of being away from the world economy for close to hundred years the city boasts of having the largest community of billionaires. It is the creative and intellectual hub of Russia. It was while booking Tashkent tour package that I came across Moscow a city that is a must visit for all tourists. There are many things in Moscow to see and prominent among them are museums, galleries, beautiful churches and of course the Russian theater.

St. Petersburg the modern world of Russia

It is the most modernized of all Russian cities and boasts of wonderful place for tourism. The most visited place in the city is the UNESCO listed historic center that showcases the neoclassical architectural style of Russia. This city was a former capital and has some magnificent churches of the Kremlin era. Other places which are a must visit are the Mariinsky theater, Peter and Paul forest and Vasilyevsky island. It is also a place to witness the midnight sun phenomena during the summer season.

Saint Petersburg Tour Package

Vladivostok the port city

It is the most famous port in Russia on the Pacific Ocean and opens the nation to sea trade from China, Japan and Korea. The city is a place for colorful souvenirs, amazing food and some of the traditional Russian drinks. The food here is a perfect blend of dishes from Asia and Europe having some really delicious sea food and oriental flavored dishes.

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Shimla, Manali and Solang the Ultimate Holiday

I was planning for a long time to go to Himachal and have a relaxed holiday. But for some reason or other the program kept getting cancelled. So, when my father and mother proposed about Manali tour packages from Delhi, I was a bit skeptical. Will I be able to go? I had booked Shimla tour packages from Delhi recently for my friend, so I just rang up the tour operator. He sent me an itinerary and I applied for a week off from my college.

Manali tour packages

Delhi to Shimla

Starting from Delhi, we hired a Toyota Innova and drove to Pinjore gardens. This was the last place in the plains and the last time the air conditioner had to be used. Soon we were floating in the mountains. Slowly but surely we proceeded towards Shimla. We encountered a big road jam a five kilometer one which lasted for 2 hours. We reached Shimla only by evening and stayed at Radisson Blue. The stay was amazing and we hired a local taxi for taking us around. My 7 year old daughter really enjoyed the whole stay at Shimla, the weather, the parks and the mall road buzz.

We drove down to Kufri point the next day. My father and I hiked while my mother, wife and daughter rode ponies to the small town as vehicles are not allowed there. The hike was enjoyable though the climb was treacherous due to uneven roads. The pony riders reached early and my daughter told me “Papa you are very slow”. We had lunch in a local restaurant and then back to Shimla.

Shimla tour packages

Shimla to Solang

Driving to Solang was a breathtaking experience with the frothing Beas flowing besides the roads for most part. We stayed at the Mountain Peak hotel with a real snowcapped mountain visible through the window.

There was lots of adventure sports just a kilometer away and all of us enjoyed as per our capacity. The next day we went to Rohtang pass and had a good time in snow, sliding, climbing and Yak riding.

The next day we proceeded towards Delhi and stopped to take a water rafting ride, which was scary as the flow was very dangerous and that after I doing regular rafting in Rishikesh. We stopped in Chandigarh in the evening and the next morning back to the busy life. A tour I will remember for life.

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Yerevan the City With A View

Yerevan the capital city of Armenia is one place where you would have to stay to experience it. It is not a normal tourist place where you have designated places to see. You have to walk a lot to know the beauty of the city. That is why people who take Yerevan tour packages from India stay near the Yerevan Cascade. The hotels near the Cascade are popular as it lets you explore the upper neighbourhood of the city and also have a view of the magnificent Mount Aramat. Also you will have the best view of the Central market from above. It is surreal especially in the evening with the lighting.

Yerevan Tour Packages

Another place you should visit while in Yerevan is the Vernissage. It is an open air flea market situated just near the Republic Square. This market is filled with souvenirs at a very economic price which will amaze you to say the least. You could also buy some really nice wooden articles for your own home from this market. A must visit for shopping lovers.

The History museum of Armenia will tell you about the history of this ancient country, and all it takes is three hours of a guided tour. If you do not understand the local language, do not worry. The guided tour is available in various languages to help you. Just choose the right language and become aware of the rich history.

Tbilisi Tour Packages

For late night party lovers Yerevan has a place called Panorama. Here you can enjoy your night without much fuss. For eating dinner the best place is Proshyan street which has some of the best street food you will ever get anywhere in the world.

For people ho love nature there is a lake which is just an hour drive away from the city. Lake Sevan sits 6000 m above sea level and is among the highest freshwater lakes in the world. So, the next time you are booking Tbilisi Tour Packages from India, makes sure to visit Armenia the land of wonders. Once you visit you will come back for sure.

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