Armenia and Ukraine Tour Packages from India

The rich culture of Armenia dates back to 3000 years. Being the world’s first Christian country and a former Soviet Republic, Armenia has a lot to offer from its rich history. Armenia has four UNESCO world heritage sites and tourism is steadily growing in the country. The scenery and outdoor activities are among its primary tourist attractions. Armenia will intrigue you by its history, monuments and landscape. And there is no better travel partner to explore Armenia than Dook International. A specially crafted Armenia Tour Packages from India by Dook International is a perfect way to experience what this landlocked country has to offer. Armenia has winter sports, adventures activities, nature and wildlife, bird watching, paragliding, hiking and trekking, and entertaining nightlife that you can enjoy on your Armenia tour.

Armenia Tour Packages from India

Ukraine is another European country that attracts millions of tourist annually. It is located at the crossroads between Central and Eastern Europe. Ukraine has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites to offer to its visitors. One can choose from different types of Ukraine tour packages according to their interest. For those who are interested in the folk culture of Ukraine will have plenty to see. For those who enjoy history, Ukraine has interesting museums, magnificent churches and Soviet architecture. And those who want to get close to nature or do adventure activities, Ukraine’s mountains and forests have plenty to offer like skiing, hiking and fishing. Dook International is there to help you out in choosing your perfect Ukraine holiday package.

Ukraine Tour Packages

Backed by years of experience, Dook International knows how to create standard and customizable tour packages for European countries depending upon your requirements. From honeymmon packages to historic tours, Dook International offers every type of tour with pocket friendly prices.

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Fly, Jump & Swing from India’s First Highest Bungee Tower

Amid the pristine river and serene backdrop of Rishikesh, Jumpin Heights have introduced India’s most extreme adventure zone for the sports and travel enthusiasts to relish the brand-new experience while travelling. If you’re planning to visit the spiritual city in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, you must surely not forget to encounter the highest bungee jump in India.

Bungee Jumping

The entire set-up of Jumpin Heights has been done by Ex. Captain Rahul Nigam to proffer extremely adventurous sports to the youth of India and to be an outstanding zone for life’s most electrifying experiences. With the help of an eligible and certified technical team from New Zealand, the safety points have been successfully accomplished by using advanced technologies and methodologies. The team is highly qualified in designing and maintaining the safety tools. Every aspect has been kept in mind to develop the Bungy jump in Rishikesh, an entirely secured and full of amusements.

The moment you clamber to Mohan Chatti, your heart will be overwhelmed with joy and fear. Your bungee jumping will be made from a cantilever, tied tightly with safety harness, and you need to jump off from the edge. The harness will not let you fall on ground, you’ll be swinging just few meters above of river Ganges and the experts of Jumpin Heights will help you to get on your feet by removing the harness off you. This is an everlasting experience to encounter, the trip to Rishikesh is unforgettable but adding the thrills in your trip will carve this excursion deep in your heart.

Apart from bungee jump, the platform of Jumpin Heights is also offering another extreme yet fun sport- Rishikesh flying fox. Flying fox is usually done by 3 people in Tandem, a chance to fly with your closest amigos. Asia’s longest flying fox and have space for three people only. You can enjoy it all alone but by paying an extra cost for it. Once, you’re done, acquire your DARE TO JUMP certificate from the cafeteria.

Flying Fox

The tag of India’s highest Giant Swing (83 meters) has been achieved only by Jumpin Heights. Giant swing in Rishikesh is done by 2 people on a Tandem, an invigorating experience to be relished either with your pals or someone special.

Clamor you fear out and savor every single moment while jumping, swinging and flying amid the beautiful landscape with cool breeze of river Ganga, it’s the time to find the real you.

Ready, Steady, JUMP!

Jumpin Heights: India’s Highest Bungy- in RISHIKESH. Watch the video:



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Travel To Uzbekistan and Discover the Wonders

When talking of political history, the country broke free from USSR in 1991. But since then only one man has been ruling President Islam Karimov. The country is still far from actual freedom and is touted as the most corrupt country in the world. This is nothing to be proud of. In spite of the misgivings, the country is safe haven for tourists who flock to see the place. A warm cup of tea is the most endearing drink of this culturally rich nation.


Rich culture, a history with twists and turns and beauty of architecture all come together in Uzbekistan which was a border state of USSR. There are many wonders to discover in this amazing country. The first wonder is the silk route, which used to pass through the midriff of Uzbekistan. All Uzbekistan tour packages from India start from the silk route. This is one of the most visited of the silk route pins, and is always bustling with tourists from across the globe. The best marquee of the silk route era is the square in Bukhara. It is like a time machine taking you back to the era when caravans arrived in the town. It must have been a marketplace with goods from around the world, which still has its mark on the marketplace near the ancient monument.


Samarkand the ancient city is one of the most popular among tourists and this is because it is iconic. The Registan is in the city’s center is really beautiful and makes you feel back in old days. It is one of the most photographed locations in the world. It is very popular with backpackers due to the economic food and stay. Another city along the silk route is Bukhara, and its old town where ancient monuments are very well preserved for tourists. You can do a lot of exploring, while staying in one of the charming inns which are still having the flavour of old. The best thing is that you can also Book Georgia tour package from here.

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Make Your Trip to New York Memorable with Carriage Rides in Central Park

New York City is widely known across the globe for Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and other iconic sites. In addition to this there is one more thing that makes the trip to this iconic city highly popular and that is carriage rides in Central Park. The horse driven carriage rides are a major attraction in New York and if happen to travel there make sure you take a ride.

Explore the City

The calm ride is not only a tourist attraction, but a great way of exploring the city. You can easily enjoy watching the musical fountains, the beautiful parks and view of the major landmarks of the city via these rides. Every carriage ride in Central Park is memorable and enchanted way of visualizing the city.

Carriage rides in central park

A Romantic Getaway

A carriage ride in New York is not only about family sightseeing, you can even go on a romantic trip with your love and the ride will surely satisfy your expectations. The trip is not only a carriage ride, but also becomes a leisure outing around the park in evening which makes the overall mood romantic.

The Guided Tour

There are service providers that are offering more with these carriage rides. There is a guided tour which enthralls tourists across the globe with rich history of the central park. The tour will take you across various fascinating places, monuments, buildings which were house to some of the renowned personalities. Apart from this, you can visit attractive places like Wollman Ice-skating Ring, Strawberry Fields, Friends Fountain, Chess and Checkers House, and many more through the tour.

Carriage rides in central park


Since the carriage ride is highly popular, you need to make booking for the guided tour. You can either go to the office of the service provider or make online arrangement for the same. Moreover, before you jump on the wagon ensure getting complete information about the tour like, the place it covers, timing, type of carriage, number of horses, and duration of the horse.
Then you can also find guided tour provider who offer special packages for anniversaries, honeymoon, parties, and other events. This can help you save some money and enjoy at the same time.

In the End

Make you visit to the city more fruitful with carriage rides in Central Park. Experience the beauty of city road and scenery in the calm and soothing ride. Contact reliable service provider to have a hassle-free experience and take beautiful memories of central park ride with you.

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Going On a Desert Tour in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a tourist destination that has been on the wish list of almost all the travelers and backpackers across of the world, as it is acknowledged as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” This metropolis is famous for its casinos and nightclubs alongside a number of major tourist attractions, like the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Las Vegas is supposed to have a fairly dry climate, as it is located in the middle of a huge desert. There are a variety of tours options in this city that are available for tourists in order to demonstrate them the major highlights of Las Vegas.

Desert Tours Las Vegas

Amongst all these tours, there are definite sightseeing safari excursions called the Las Vegas desert tours, which take the travelers to the most enthralling geographic places such as the Grand Canyon, Colorado River Rafting, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Area 51, Valley of Fire, Gold Mines, and Ghost Towns in the Mojave Desert. All these desert tours are usually half day or full day packages and have free pick up and drop facility for visitors from their respective hotels.

Exploring Southwest America

Las Vegas desert tours give tourists the chance to explore the American Southwest in its most stunning and primitive state by seeing the incredible sandstone foundations, wild horses, Big Horn Sheep, Rabbits, Eagles, Hawks and an outstanding variety of wild flowers and cacti on their cameras. Each desert excursion takes a variety of stops on unique spots so that the sightseers can take the finest photographs of the west. The conveyance provided by these companies is mainly a seven passenger comfortable four-wheel drive means of transportation and a lavish motor coach for the Grand Canyon tours.

Desert Tours Las Vegas

These tours also offer professional guides who are proficient in archaeology, geology, and anthropology. These escorts help the travelers to spot the ultimate desert wilderness by discovering the desert in the finest possible way. Desert tours Las Vegas are kind of perfect for photography fanatics, camera clubs, travel magazines, as well as travel writers, as they take the tourist to the most excellent geographic explorations.

Desert Tours Las Vegas are a must for at least once in your lifetime because of the kind of views it comprises of as well as the places that you can explore in the city of Las Vegas and the suburbs nearby. Don’t just think about it just go visit this metropolis and you will be back with the memories of a lifetime.

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Avail Boat Rentals Services in Lake Powell for a Stress-free Vacation

Most families in the United States of America opt for a relaxing vacation in the lap of nature. That is why beaches and lakes are filled with enthusiastic tourists and locals around the year. Boat trips in lakes are among the top most sought out affairs. These trips with friends & families are enjoyable, affordable, and do not require a lot of planning in advance. In fact, a spontaneous short trip during weekends can be a great stress buster.

Numerous lakes are popular for boating trips; however, Lake Powell attracts a large number of people for boat trips every year. There are total six marinas on Lake Powell: Dangling Rope, Wahweap, Bullfrog, Hall’s Crossing, and Hite marina and Antelope Point. Total driving distance between marinas is around six hours by land. If you are also planning a boat trip to any of the six marinas in Lake Powell, here’s what you need to do to prepare –

Lake Powell Boat Rentals
Preparing For the Boat Trip

Not everyone going on a boat trip owns a boat because boats are expensive and require a lot of money for maintenance. Hence, if you are going for a boat trip or fishing trip, but don’t own a boat, it is advisable to opt for a boat rental service. There are various boat rental service providers in the U.S. and you may find the one that provides quality boat rentals at affordable price.

Benefits of Renting a Boat

Rental service providers, Lake Powell, provide boats for a specific number of hours and charge customers at specific rates. From boats to jet skis, you can opt for various options. There are various reasons as to why Lake Powell boat rentals are such a huge hit among tourists.

Zero Maintenance

If your home is far away from the lake or beach, then bringing the boat all the way from home to waters is a tedious task. On the other hand, not owing a boat will be a blessing because you can easily rent it through a rental agency. Moreover, owing a boat requires proper maintenance and upkeep, which will again be troublesome.

Economically Feasible

Boats are expensive and owing one will require a lot of capital. Also, you are not going to use it on a daily basis, which makes it irrelevant to buy one. Thus, renting a boat is economically feasible rather than owning it.

Stress-free Experience

When you reach the lake you would not want to be the commander-in-chief because you are going on the boat trip to relax and get the stress out of your body. A boat rental agency not only provides you a boat, but also makes an arrangement for a captain. It will allow you to enjoy more with your loved ones than navigating the boat in the waters.

Lake Powell Boat Rentals

Latest Boats

Boat rental service providers ensure that their customers have the best boating experience, hence,  they put latest boats into service. The experiencing of exploring the waters in comfortable boats with your friends or family is remarkable. Moreover, these agencies have a number of boats with different sitting capacities. Hence, even if you have a large group, you can easily avail their service and enjoy each other’s company.

Easy Booking

With internet being an easily accessible source, you can not only search for a good boat rental service provider, but also book the boat trip online. In fact there are rental services that offer reservation option as well. You can reserve your booking well in advance and avoid last minute hassles. You should select Wahweap marina unless any other marina is close to your home or hotel.

Bottom Line

You must search for a reliable boat rental service in Lake Powell to ensure smooth boat trip and enjoy good times. Internet is a good medium to learn about boat rental agencies in the vicinity. Besides this, you can also take help of your friends who have been on a boat trip to Lake Powell and enquire about rental boat service providers.

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8 Things to Do To Make Your Trip To St Lucia A Memorable One

St Lucia is one of the smallest and laid-back Islands in the Caribbean, boasting stunning beaches with a warm light breeze. This is one of the favorite places for marriage ceremonies, along the un-spoilt beaches that are inline with the palm trees and bordered by clear warm calm seas. This place is gradually gaining popularity as a destination to experience great hotels in St Lucia Caribbean. Here are a few things that you need to take care of at the time of planning your trip to this island:

  • 17 april
    • At the time of booking your tickets make sure that you book tickets to and from Hewanorra International Airport.
    • The island is four hours behind the Greenwich Time, thus be sure to correct your watch at the time of deplaning.
    • You can also make a booking for renting a car in advance as that will help in saving a good amount of time and you can also do it online as well.
    • If you want to exchange money, there are loads of banking outlets on St Lucia airport. Although, please bear in mind that banks are open only from Monday to Thursday and close at 14:00.
    • American cash is acceptable at most of the places, but the island uses Caribbean dollar. Therefore, do check the exchange rates in advance as major debit and credit cards are being accepted as well.
    • Customs guidelines are pretty straightforward. Duty free guidelines allow in slight amounts of cigarettes and tobacco, and around a liter of wines or spirits. Certainly, visitors are expected to bring duty free items along with them as souvenirs of their trip, and duty free shops are there on the airport.
    • When it comes to entry requirements, all the visitors have to carry valid passports, save for US citizens, or travelers from most of the commonwealth countries. On the other hand, American visitors (plus those traveling to and from St Lucia through the United States) must present a valid passport at the time returning to that country.
    • At the time of dining out there is a sales tax of 8% is applicable on the total price of the meal, along with that a service charge of 10%.

You need to take care of the fact that all these guidelines have to follow in order to make your trip hassle free and to enjoy your stay in the hotels in St Lucia Caribbean as well as the places you will be visiting.

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