8 Things to Do To Make Your Trip To St Lucia A Memorable One

St Lucia is one of the smallest and laid-back Islands in the Caribbean, boasting stunning beaches with a warm light breeze. This is one of the favorite places for marriage ceremonies, along the un-spoilt beaches that are inline with the palm trees and bordered by clear warm calm seas. This place is gradually gaining popularity as a destination to experience great hotels in St Lucia Caribbean. Here are a few things that you need to take care of at the time of planning your trip to this island:

  • 17 april
    • At the time of booking your tickets make sure that you book tickets to and from Hewanorra International Airport.
    • The island is four hours behind the Greenwich Time, thus be sure to correct your watch at the time of deplaning.
    • You can also make a booking for renting a car in advance as that will help in saving a good amount of time and you can also do it online as well.
    • If you want to exchange money, there are loads of banking outlets on St Lucia airport. Although, please bear in mind that banks are open only from Monday to Thursday and close at 14:00.
    • American cash is acceptable at most of the places, but the island uses Caribbean dollar. Therefore, do check the exchange rates in advance as major debit and credit cards are being accepted as well.
    • Customs guidelines are pretty straightforward. Duty free guidelines allow in slight amounts of cigarettes and tobacco, and around a liter of wines or spirits. Certainly, visitors are expected to bring duty free items along with them as souvenirs of their trip, and duty free shops are there on the airport.
    • When it comes to entry requirements, all the visitors have to carry valid passports, save for US citizens, or travelers from most of the commonwealth countries. On the other hand, American visitors (plus those traveling to and from St Lucia through the United States) must present a valid passport at the time returning to that country.
    • At the time of dining out there is a sales tax of 8% is applicable on the total price of the meal, along with that a service charge of 10%.

You need to take care of the fact that all these guidelines have to follow in order to make your trip hassle free and to enjoy your stay in the hotels in St Lucia Caribbean as well as the places you will be visiting.

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Discover the Beauty of Horse and Carriage Rides in Central Park

Gone are the days when horses and carriages were the only means of locomotion. The advancement of technology in the 19th century saw the uprising of cars and by the beginning to the 21st century the horses and carriages were limited to rides and tourist attractions. It is a noble idea of few old people to give the new generation a glimpse of how soothing the life was back in their time.

Tourist Attraction

In today’s busy life where roads are full of cars and other automobiles, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time that people used to travel using horse driven carriages. However, all is not lost; you can still enjoy the horse driven carriage ride when you visit the US. The world famous horse and carriage rides in central park are one of the major tourist attractions in the city of New York.


Enjoy the Pleasant Evenings

Evenings are the best time to enjoy this memorable ride. It is a rare experience to personally take the beauty of the environment while relaxing in the park. This ride is a rare opportunity to relax and not get disturbed by the sound of running engines around you. You will hardly get such a moment anywhere else in the world, because there are very few selected places that offer guided tours on top of a moving horse carriage.

The Guided Tour

Besides the pleasant evening, there’s more to the horse and carriage ride in New York. The guided tour is provided to educate tourists on the rich history and various features of the central parks. When you hop onto the carriage, you will be driven around to several interesting buildings where some of the renowned personalities lived. In addition to this, attractive places like Friends Fountain, Wollman Ice-skating Ring, Strawberry Fields, Chess and Checkers House, and many more will feature in the tour.

Favorable Timings

You can get to tour the central park in a horse and carriage ride tour every day till the weather permits. The main aim of this world famous ride is to give you comfort; therefore, whenever the heat becomes unbearable or it begins snowing the rides are suspended.

In the End

If you happen to visit the city in near future, do include a horse and carriage ride in Central Park in your bucket list. Make most of this opportunity to experience the beauty of slow pace in this fast moving world and experience the calmness offered by the ride.

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Information on the Popular Carriage Rides in Central Park

Central park in New York is an attraction of internal repute that is a must visit for everyone who ever gets a chance to be in The Big Apple. People throng the park for various reasons. Some love the carriage rides in central park while for others the rides are a great addition to a variety of other programs and events. The carriage ride are reminiscent of a by-gone era and fit for royalty. The setting of all this couldn’t have been any better than central park.

30 jan

Central Park

The park is a hit due to a number of factors. These factors are significant enough to count individually and in conjunction they make the park and carriage experience just awesome. First of all the park is one of the largest of its kind and contains a rich collection of flora that makes for pleasant sights and smells. The atmosphere is so calming that several people love it just for that; the serenity and oneness with nature. It is also pregnant with history which you can get to know in more detail from the carriage drivers who are so knowledgeable and experienced about the park and the city.

The Packages

The park is also located in a strategic place in relation to the city and has several theaters and hotels within its surroundings. These have given rise to one of the carriage ride packages which allows you to schedule a drop and/or pick up from any of these places. It adds a little romance to lovers having a night out at the theater.

The other package is the tour which can be a tour of the park itself and/or the city of New York. You can specify this when you make a booking and also choose the carriage design that you prefer to use.

There are other packages for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, your honeymoon, wedding or anniversary, among others. You can take advantage of the service to customize you special event in a way that brings out a unique sense of style and makes the event permanently etched in the memories of all your guests.

The cost of a ride is determined by the duration it is going to take and not by the number of occupants or the design of the carriage. You can also get a lot of other complementary services such as photography, videography, flowers, chocolates, etc. all your booking can be done in advance online.

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For Vacationing and Hotels in ST Lucia Caribbean

ST Lucia is a great destination for those seeking to get away from all the hassle and bustle of the city. This is an island in the sun which is a great retreat if you feel like escaping the concrete jungle with its environmental and noise pollution. Hotels in ST Lucia Caribbean are just one of the million-dollar reasons why everyone who makes the trip comes back satisfied, revitalized and looking forward to another excursion.


The Trend in Vacations Nowadays

The majority of vacationers are now looking to the seas whenever they need to change their environment and reset their settings. ST Lucia provides a perfect destination that has so much to see and do. It is pregnant with a unique and rich history, a friendly populace, top-notch services to vacationers, and incredible fauna and flora.

You will enjoy exploring the seas in a water taxi and partaking in myriad activities. You can also visit the many white sandy beaches, tour the famous ancient volcano, immense yourself in Pirate history, hike, follow trails, go for a jazz festival, and much more. The island nation has a very rich culture which has African, British, French and indigenous Arawak elements.

The Service Culture

ST Lucia features a great service culture which is strongly supported by the existence of seasoned concierge services that provide end to end services from airport transfers, accommodation, yacht service, water taxis, documents facilitation, jeep and luxury car hire, and sea and inland tours.



You should plan your vacation in advance to ensure proper budgeting, less frustrations, access to savings and getting ample time to go over the available options and make an informed decision every time. You can make reservations for all the services that you need online. The online platform also gives you access to reviews which give you first-hand accounts from other travelers who have been to the Island Nation before you.

You can get good deals on hotels in St Lucia when you plan everything in advance. There are several promotional discounts that are available from time to time and you can also go for packages such as the famous ‘all-inclusive’. Location is also very important as you need to synchronize every element of your vacation.

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Travelling To Chennai? Learn More About Serviced Apartments In Chennai And Enjoy Great Options!

Business travellers and people on long holidays in Chennai can count on serviced apartments to provide them with great accommodation options in all the right locations. Serviced apartments in Chennai are of an international standard offering all the usual amenities ordinarily associated with Hotels and a little bit extra. If you are not familiar with serviced apartments then there are a couple of facts that you need to know. They an exciting option that transform your stay while on holiday, business, adventure, family, or group travel.

Serviced Apartment

Is A Serviced Apartment Good For You?

Serviced apartments are suitable for you if you will be staying in Chennai for a couple of days. In a serviced apartment you will find much more than a bedroom and bathroom, but a kitchen and some extra bedrooms depending on your need. They come in various options which range from those capable of accommodating 2 people to those that can take up as much as 10. The market has variety for you to choose from and they are available in various locations. This also means you can also factor in the location in your considerations alongside the budget.

What’s The Big Difference Anyway?

The biggest difference that you get when you stay in serviced apartments is the relaxed, accommodating, and soothing feeling of being home. Serviced apartments are different from the crowded lobbies and hallways that come with the boxed up the feeling of being in a hotel. You can’t help but miss home despite all the apparent indulgence that the hotels offer. There is something in the Hotel setup that restricts your ability to relax and take charge of the vital elements of your stay. Serviced apartments have a fully furnished kitchen and other equipment which helps you in the execution of various tasks such as a laundry machine.

Serviced Apartments in Chennai

All the other amenities are available and you can enjoy your stay without unwarranted disturbances. Vital services such as housekeeping are sometimes available on a weekly basis and you also get secure parking and a wonderful unrestricted view of the city safe in your home-away-from-home. You can prepare your own preferred home meals and eat out at the various fabulous restaurants when you feel the need to. At the end of the day you get to enjoy huge savings and develop a genuine appreciation of this wonderful accommodation option. You can search online for leading Serviced Apartment in Chennai to find out more about them through reviews and information contained on the respective sites.

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What Makes Carriage Rides In Central Park Appeal to You

Carriage rides in central park are a very unique way of touring a Central Park of New York, recharging your batteries, celebrating a special occasion, adding a little romance in your life and schedule, and also getting a feel of this prestigious mode of transportation that is permanently etched in history. The companies that provide the service have all sorts of carriages from those that were used to transport royalty to those that featured at very important occasions across eras. It is history in motion and you get to enjoy the ride, the sights, the sounds, and the knowledge that you gain after taking one of these world famous rides in the heart of New York.


Why Central Park?

Central park has the distinction of being among the landmarks that receives the most visitors in New York. It is well loved by locals and visitors to New York some of whom make several repeat visits. The park has a distinct aura of tranquility that has the effect of helping you refocus and discharge the daily stresses of life. Joggers, bikers and other fitness enthusiasts are also in love with the park for the same reasons. It a paradise of flora which gives you all the right sights and smells which can make you forget that you are in Manhattan, deep within the concrete jungle.

Central park is also pregnant with history which is represented by the several structures that you get to lean about from the knowledgeable carriage drivers. The urban park opened its gates in 1857 and received a major boost in 1858 when some famous architects and landscapers won a design competition to expand the park and give it a facelift. The Greensward Plan gave birth to the modern day central park which was completed in 1873 followed by it designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1962.

There are many packages on offer from the carriage companies which include booking a ride to and/or from any of the numerous world famous theaters within its confines. The best place to learn more about the service, the options open to you, and make the necessary reservation is online where you can see the various websites belonging to the service providers and compare.

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The Importance of Researching On St. Lucia Car Rental and Other Services to Plan Your Vacation

St Lucia is a great vacation destination which receives droves of visitor on constant basis. Many travelers have glossy stories to tell about their stay in this island nation. Although the attractions, people, history and climate play a huge part, much of it is due to good old planning. You need to do your research well an know about aspects such as St. Lucia car rental options, the airport transfer services, the available hotels as well as the attractions, among others.


Why Plan?

There are many reasons why you ought to plan every detail about your vacation. Firstly your vacation won’t last a lifetime as you have limited time. You don’t want to waste your time running around like a headless chicken while searching for bargains and a place to stay. This will consume a great deal of your time, leave you tired an also smarting from the extra costs you have to endure. You need all the time, energy and cash you can for the more important aspects of your vacation and planning ahead gives you certainty, a map, and control over your expenses. You get to running around for services and enduring disappointments and sometimes extra charges.

Planning allows you to get the best services and access savings from the various promotions that are accessible through making early reservations for the various services. There are a lot of great services in St Lucia and you can make all your research and planning online in the comfort of your home. You can find providers of end to end service and all inclusive packages that are competitively priced. You also get to learn about the various attractions you can get to, the means of transportation, and the best place to stay given the places you want to visit.

The online platform also allows you to read about the experiences of other vacationers who have been to St Lucia. This will help you know more about the choices before you making it easy to decide. Always check whether the website you are on has a secure payment before using punching-in your personal and financial details. After that you can look forward to an unforgettable experience in the Island that has some of the bet beaches, hotels, resorts, and a whole lot more to offer.

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