Travel To Uzbekistan and Discover the Wonders

When talking of political history, the country broke free from USSR in 1991. But since then only one man has been ruling President Islam Karimov. The country is still far from actual freedom and is touted as the most corrupt country in the world. This is nothing to be proud of. In spite of the misgivings, the country is safe haven for tourists who flock to see the place. A warm cup of tea is the most endearing drink of this culturally rich nation.


Rich culture, a history with twists and turns and beauty of architecture all come together in Uzbekistan which was a border state of USSR. There are many wonders to discover in this amazing country. The first wonder is the silk route, which used to pass through the midriff of Uzbekistan. All Uzbekistan tour packages from India start from the silk route. This is one of the most visited of the silk route pins, and is always bustling with tourists from across the globe. The best marquee of the silk route era is the square in Bukhara. It is like a time machine taking you back to the era when caravans arrived in the town. It must have been a marketplace with goods from around the world, which still has its mark on the marketplace near the ancient monument.


Samarkand the ancient city is one of the most popular among tourists and this is because it is iconic. The Registan is in the city’s center is really beautiful and makes you feel back in old days. It is one of the most photographed locations in the world. It is very popular with backpackers due to the economic food and stay. Another city along the silk route is Bukhara, and its old town where ancient monuments are very well preserved for tourists. You can do a lot of exploring, while staying in one of the charming inns which are still having the flavour of old. The best thing is that you can also Book Georgia tour package from here.


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