Fly, Jump & Swing from India’s First Highest Bungee Tower

Amid the pristine river and serene backdrop of Rishikesh, Jumpin Heights have introduced India’s most extreme adventure zone for the sports and travel enthusiasts to relish the brand-new experience while travelling. If you’re planning to visit the spiritual city in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, you must surely not forget to encounter the highest bungee jump in India.

Bungee Jumping

The entire set-up of Jumpin Heights has been done by Ex. Captain Rahul Nigam to proffer extremely adventurous sports to the youth of India and to be an outstanding zone for life’s most electrifying experiences. With the help of an eligible and certified technical team from New Zealand, the safety points have been successfully accomplished by using advanced technologies and methodologies. The team is highly qualified in designing and maintaining the safety tools. Every aspect has been kept in mind to develop the Bungy jump in Rishikesh, an entirely secured and full of amusements.

The moment you clamber to Mohan Chatti, your heart will be overwhelmed with joy and fear. Your bungee jumping will be made from a cantilever, tied tightly with safety harness, and you need to jump off from the edge. The harness will not let you fall on ground, you’ll be swinging just few meters above of river Ganges and the experts of Jumpin Heights will help you to get on your feet by removing the harness off you. This is an everlasting experience to encounter, the trip to Rishikesh is unforgettable but adding the thrills in your trip will carve this excursion deep in your heart.

Apart from bungee jump, the platform of Jumpin Heights is also offering another extreme yet fun sport- Rishikesh flying fox. Flying fox is usually done by 3 people in Tandem, a chance to fly with your closest amigos. Asia’s longest flying fox and have space for three people only. You can enjoy it all alone but by paying an extra cost for it. Once, you’re done, acquire your DARE TO JUMP certificate from the cafeteria.

Flying Fox

The tag of India’s highest Giant Swing (83 meters) has been achieved only by Jumpin Heights. Giant swing in Rishikesh is done by 2 people on a Tandem, an invigorating experience to be relished either with your pals or someone special.

Clamor you fear out and savor every single moment while jumping, swinging and flying amid the beautiful landscape with cool breeze of river Ganga, it’s the time to find the real you.

Ready, Steady, JUMP!

Jumpin Heights: India’s Highest Bungy- in RISHIKESH. Watch the video:




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