Make Your Trip to New York Memorable with Carriage Rides in Central Park

New York City is widely known across the globe for Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and other iconic sites. In addition to this there is one more thing that makes the trip to this iconic city highly popular and that is carriage rides in Central Park. The horse driven carriage rides are a major attraction in New York and if happen to travel there make sure you take a ride.

Explore the City

The calm ride is not only a tourist attraction, but a great way of exploring the city. You can easily enjoy watching the musical fountains, the beautiful parks and view of the major landmarks of the city via these rides. Every carriage ride in Central Park is memorable and enchanted way of visualizing the city.

Carriage rides in central park

A Romantic Getaway

A carriage ride in New York is not only about family sightseeing, you can even go on a romantic trip with your love and the ride will surely satisfy your expectations. The trip is not only a carriage ride, but also becomes a leisure outing around the park in evening which makes the overall mood romantic.

The Guided Tour

There are service providers that are offering more with these carriage rides. There is a guided tour which enthralls tourists across the globe with rich history of the central park. The tour will take you across various fascinating places, monuments, buildings which were house to some of the renowned personalities. Apart from this, you can visit attractive places like Wollman Ice-skating Ring, Strawberry Fields, Friends Fountain, Chess and Checkers House, and many more through the tour.

Carriage rides in central park


Since the carriage ride is highly popular, you need to make booking for the guided tour. You can either go to the office of the service provider or make online arrangement for the same. Moreover, before you jump on the wagon ensure getting complete information about the tour like, the place it covers, timing, type of carriage, number of horses, and duration of the horse.
Then you can also find guided tour provider who offer special packages for anniversaries, honeymoon, parties, and other events. This can help you save some money and enjoy at the same time.

In the End

Make you visit to the city more fruitful with carriage rides in Central Park. Experience the beauty of city road and scenery in the calm and soothing ride. Contact reliable service provider to have a hassle-free experience and take beautiful memories of central park ride with you.


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