Discover the Beauty of Horse and Carriage Rides in Central Park

Gone are the days when horses and carriages were the only means of locomotion. The advancement of technology in the 19th century saw the uprising of cars and by the beginning to the 21st century the horses and carriages were limited to rides and tourist attractions. It is a noble idea of few old people to give the new generation a glimpse of how soothing the life was back in their time.

Tourist Attraction

In today’s busy life where roads are full of cars and other automobiles, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time that people used to travel using horse driven carriages. However, all is not lost; you can still enjoy the horse driven carriage ride when you visit the US. The world famous horse and carriage rides in central park are one of the major tourist attractions in the city of New York.


Enjoy the Pleasant Evenings

Evenings are the best time to enjoy this memorable ride. It is a rare experience to personally take the beauty of the environment while relaxing in the park. This ride is a rare opportunity to relax and not get disturbed by the sound of running engines around you. You will hardly get such a moment anywhere else in the world, because there are very few selected places that offer guided tours on top of a moving horse carriage.

The Guided Tour

Besides the pleasant evening, there’s more to the horse and carriage ride in New York. The guided tour is provided to educate tourists on the rich history and various features of the central parks. When you hop onto the carriage, you will be driven around to several interesting buildings where some of the renowned personalities lived. In addition to this, attractive places like Friends Fountain, Wollman Ice-skating Ring, Strawberry Fields, Chess and Checkers House, and many more will feature in the tour.

Favorable Timings

You can get to tour the central park in a horse and carriage ride tour every day till the weather permits. The main aim of this world famous ride is to give you comfort; therefore, whenever the heat becomes unbearable or it begins snowing the rides are suspended.

In the End

If you happen to visit the city in near future, do include a horse and carriage ride in Central Park in your bucket list. Make most of this opportunity to experience the beauty of slow pace in this fast moving world and experience the calmness offered by the ride.


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