Information on the Popular Carriage Rides in Central Park

Central park in New York is an attraction of internal repute that is a must visit for everyone who ever gets a chance to be in The Big Apple. People throng the park for various reasons. Some love the carriage rides in central park while for others the rides are a great addition to a variety of other programs and events. The carriage ride are reminiscent of a by-gone era and fit for royalty. The setting of all this couldn’t have been any better than central park.

30 jan

Central Park

The park is a hit due to a number of factors. These factors are significant enough to count individually and in conjunction they make the park and carriage experience just awesome. First of all the park is one of the largest of its kind and contains a rich collection of flora that makes for pleasant sights and smells. The atmosphere is so calming that several people love it just for that; the serenity and oneness with nature. It is also pregnant with history which you can get to know in more detail from the carriage drivers who are so knowledgeable and experienced about the park and the city.

The Packages

The park is also located in a strategic place in relation to the city and has several theaters and hotels within its surroundings. These have given rise to one of the carriage ride packages which allows you to schedule a drop and/or pick up from any of these places. It adds a little romance to lovers having a night out at the theater.

The other package is the tour which can be a tour of the park itself and/or the city of New York. You can specify this when you make a booking and also choose the carriage design that you prefer to use.

There are other packages for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, your honeymoon, wedding or anniversary, among others. You can take advantage of the service to customize you special event in a way that brings out a unique sense of style and makes the event permanently etched in the memories of all your guests.

The cost of a ride is determined by the duration it is going to take and not by the number of occupants or the design of the carriage. You can also get a lot of other complementary services such as photography, videography, flowers, chocolates, etc. all your booking can be done in advance online.


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